Skip Navigation Links stands for a DJ concept that brings you the groovy, funky disco sounds from a time era lasting from 1970 till now. Playing live from the vinyl 12” and lp copies well produced by vintage equipment. Going back in time you are now able to see and feel the DJ skills from the past.

After an absence from about 8 years we are making our comeback because we think that nowadays disco parties do not reach that atmosphere as it was in the old days. We believe that old disco stuff should be played by DJ’s that grew up in the disco era playing with vinyl copies using vintage equipment to get that warm and sensual feeling. By the way our collection contains more than 10.000 vinyl records so we can talk about the business.

Kees and Giel were born at the end of the sixties, grew up in the seventies and eighties and reached adolescency in the nineties. Around 1975 we became infected with the phenomenon called DISCO brought to us by Ferry Maat with his famous Soulshow. From that time on we are collecting vinyl 12” and lp copies from everywhere in the world.

We got hold of the beautiful remixes from Tom Moulton, Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Francois Kevorkian, Jimmy Simpson, Rick Gianatos, Bob Vitterity, John Luongo, John “Jellybean” Benitez and many others. In the same time blending and mixing became popular. So time for us to pick up these things with Lenco turntables and a cheap mixer. It lasted till 1980 we bought 3 technics sl-1200 turntables and a Bozak CMA-2DL mixer. This whole circus went on till about 1999 with huge success.

Now we are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!